Use each of our five typefaces once to create five different designs demonstrating five different ways of indicating paragraphs as shown in the examples: Conservative, Moderate, Adventurous, Experimental, Outrageous:

Conservative = Garamond
Moderate = Baskerville
Adventurous = Bodoni
Experimental = Century Expanded
Outrageous = Helvetica

Use the text provided by the link below:

Paragraph Indications Text

Please view all 30 examples before beginning. Do not copy the examples, but rather come up with your own new and creative way based upon them:


(Unlike two of the examples, you cannot distort the typefaces)

You will make a total of 5 designs, again each on 10" x 10" squares.
1. Conservative = Garamond
2. Moderate = Baskerville
3. Adventurous = Bodoni
4. Experimental = Century Expanded
5. Outrageous = Helvetica
Your exercises should be posted to your blog and to the wall by the end of class on Thursday, September 15th.