For Monday, June 27th

Letterform Details:
1. For each of our classic typefaces, choose a single letterform on which to concentrate.
2. Place this letterform on a 6" x 6" composition, taking note of its relationship to the negative space.
3. Increase the scale of the letterform, focusing in on a specific detail, a specific characteristic of the typeface. Repeat for a total of four designs for each letterform. You will produce a total of 20 designs, 4 for each of our 5 classic typefaces.
4. Post each of these to your blog, group by typeface, in either ascending or decending scale.

Choose the same letterform in the same case to draw in each of our five classic typefaces. Draw not the entire letterform, but instead draw the same zoomed in detail for each typeface. You should make five drawings of the same letter part, in five different typefaces. You will create 5 drawings total.