Due Tuesday, June 28th

The Following Exercises should be posted to your blog by Midnight, June 27th:

For this exercise you will create a total of 10 designs, 2 for each typeface, again each on a 6" x 6" square.
Illustrate the space between the lowercase letterforms e and a as well as the space between the lowercase letterforms r and s for each typeface, turning the negative space in between the two letters into positive space. Do not include any closed off counters, any counters inside bowls, or any counters cut off by the frame.

For each typeface choose either ea or rs. Pay particular attention to the negative space between the letters, this will be the space at which I will look to judge the success of your drawing. Make a total of 5 drawings with the space in between 2 letters (1 counterform) on each drawing.

Tuesday's Quiz:
For Tuesday's quiz, please reread pages 10 and 11 of your textbook. Also read pages 48 and 49.