CD Package Design

For our next project, we will create a CD Package for a typeface from this list of typefaces by classification: link

This booklet should display a minimum of three members of the type family (roman, italic, and bold) and give background information on both the typeface designer and the typeface itself, situating the importance of the typeface and typographer historically.

There should be a minimum of 350 words of historical information.

You may use black, white, and two colors.

The alphabet must be represented in upper and lowercase its entirety in roman, italic, and bold.

There is not a size (and consequently not a page number) specification for the booklet, other than that it must hold a CD. That gives us a minimum size specification of 4.75"

One page must contain a letter whose height (either cap-height or x-height, depending on the case) is 4.75".

There should be an image of the original typeface.

You need to print this project twice, you will turn in one package and keep the other for your portfolio.