For Thursday, August 25th

1. Email the instructor a link to your TYPOGRAPHY BLOG. Please make sure your email has the following subject heading: ART3990C 2301 TYPOGRAPHY.

2. Create an online file storage account as a backup file storage account. All students will need two means of file backup: flash drive and/or external hard drive and/or online file storage

3. draw upper and lower case letterforms A and a for four of the 5 classic typefaces:
Each page should compare same cases from two different typefaces. This is a total of eight letterform drawings on four pages. Label each drawing with the typeface.

4. Read the Introduction p. viii + and section 1 Basics p. 1 - 13 from your textbook, A type primer by John Kane. Be prepared for a quiz on the information found on pp. 2-4 on Thursday (please bring a pencil to class).