For your final you will design a dust jacket for a book as well as set three spreads, each representing the first two pages of a different chapter from the book. The book you choose should be a book with a minimum of three narrators, and each narrator will get their own typeface.

For this project, you will use an actual book as a model for the dimensions of your jacket as well as for the dimensions of your page spreads.

Each spread should be set with a different typeface, a typeface that reflects the character of the narrator for that particular chapter. The text type, the body of your text must be clearly legible. For the text type you should use on of the five classifications, no novelty typefaces. There is more room to experiment and play with the paragraph indications as well as the chapter headings. You should use the actual text from the book.

Your dust jacket design should include the spine as well as the inside flaps. You have complete freedom as to what you do with the cover, such as whether or not you include any additional information about the book or author. All design should be in service to the content and style of the book, and your design should make the book attract attention on the shelf, from the front cover as well as the spine.